Medical Nutrition Therapy 
- for disease MANAGEMENT and TREATMENT

We are able to provide a 20-25% discount for approved insurance providers (AETNA, CIGNA, UNITED, HealthyRoads Collection, many Blue Cross & Blue Shield Plans plus many more) 

We are a Medicare Provider so if you are 65 or older some if not all of your visit may be paid for. 

We can provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Provider for American Specialty Health Network (Complementary Health Care)  


"Helping Sane people stay healthy"

Will Insurance Cover My Visit?

Individual Nutrition Counseling

Good nutrition can help eliminate the following from your life:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancers
  • Joint Ailments
  • Kidney Disease

What Can You Expect From Your Nutrition Visit

In-depth diet history (habits, life schedule, previous diets, food preferences)

Overview of lab reports 

Suggestions for any needed supplements 

In-depth review of your past medical history 

Customized eating plan with sample menu

Nutrition Counseling – Follow Up

Half-hour follow up visits are scheduled to review your progress in making lifestyle changes and meeting your goals, modify the meal plan as needed, and learn behavior modification techniques to assist you in changing your eating habits. We will explore why you make some of your food choices and learn how to overcome the barriers to good health. 

Topics include:

  • Distributing carbohydrates, protein and fat
  • Exercise—what kind and how much
  • How to make good food choices when pressed for time
  • Managing vacations and holidays
  • What to select at restaurants
  • Interpreting food labels
  • Selecting healthy recipes that are quick and easy
  • And much, much more

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Batina specializes in the following areas of Medical Nutrition Therapy:


Chronic Kidney Disease 

Eating a kidney-friendly diet to prolong your health and delay dialysis is important. An individual eating plan is designed just for you based on your labs and your stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD).  The health of your kidneys is affected by your diet.  Stage 3 kidney disease patients benefit greatly by seeing a renal dietitian who will assist with foods that are safe to eat, which ones to limit or avoid because they may intensify your condition by placing more stress on your kidneys.


A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) will help you control your diabetes by creating a custom meal plan based on what you like to eat and your activity level.  Identifying carbohydrates, teaching portion size, label reading and understanding the importance of calorie and fat consumption is important.  Weight loss, if desired, will help you treat and control your diabetes.  Tracking your blood sugar level and communicating with your doctor about your medication regimen, as necessary, is also imperative.

Bariatric Weight Loss
Working one-on-one with you, your dietitian can evaluate your needs and help with problem-solving.  This time gives you a chance to practice the "mechanics of eating" and prepare you for lifestyle changes that need to happen and provide you with realistic expectations.  After surgery, you may experience food intolerances, difficulties with the diet progression, meeting protein goals, taking your required supplements, and/or following the guidelines from your surgical practice.  Your dietitian can access and monitor our nutritional adequacy and help prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Other Services Include:

SuperMarket Tours

Menu Evaluations for Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)

Wellness Seminars

Pantry Makeovers